45 King – The Real Life

avatars-000034452837-z2gkyb-t500x500For the last few days I’ve been searching the internet for something special to share with the readers of the ONDAFLOR blog and until two hours ago I hadn’t found anything that really stood out to me, that hadn’t already been covered by every other music blog on the internet. Then the flood gates opened, first with this gem from The 45 King. I once read that DJ Shadow was the first to make an album that was completely comprised of samples. This simply isn’t true. Even if you choose to ignore the early “Cut and Paste” style records (made famous by acts like Double Dee and Steinski, and Coldcut) Not only did The 45 King beat Shadow to the punch, but he also had the first Hip Hop Instrumental side to go Gold (900 Number). So it is safe to say that when the producer of classics like “Hard Knock Life” and “Stan” went into the hospital due to a heart attack the entire international Hip Hop community was left holding their breath until a few hours ago when The 45 King went online to let us know he is healthy and back at home. And as a thank you to his supporters he shared “Real Life” to the world. Sure it is only a minute or so long but it is clear he still has “it” whatever “it” is. Long Live The 45 King.

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