Abu Simbel & Laetho – Flamingo Fresh (free download)

abuSome times you do not feel like writing a review. No music catches your ear as deserving of your time. The one song worth writing about was already an “exclusive” for another website, and constant bouts of insomnia have left your brain in a fog only comparable to the haze that accompanies a snow storm in a windy city. Just when you are about to finish that backup article that you started long ago about how you prefer Mixcloud over Soundcloud (yes it is true, Mixcloud is far superior) you find your self embracing the mellow vibe that reversed Rhodes samples bring with them wherever they are heard. As a musician I’ve been told that I need to pick one genre, one sound to maximize my potential market focus (I don’t know what that means either). But a track that feels like House, with drums that remind me of Club Music, that ends by slowing down into something resembling Downtempo beats seems like a perfectly reasonable collection of styles. Or maybe it is because unlike most labels, the rest of us just want to hear good music; made by talented people, who are too busy pouring their hearts into the music that they are making to worry about what the latest “hot trend is”. Some people in our industry have to start asking themselves exactly how new trends are started. The only way that we can move forward is by embracing the risk-takers and letting the audience decide if the experiment is a success or a failure.

Download Flamingo Fresh here

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