Ash Riser – Waiting For You

ashriserI can think of several things I should be doing instead of this. I should be checking job listings, I could be working on one of the three EP’s I am in the process of making, I could even be working on one of the three tracks I am collaborating with other people on. But I am not. Instead I am sharing this new vocal trap track with you (my readership…I must like you guys). To be completely honest the vocals aren’t exactly necessary. What really seems to be carrying this production is the constant variations presented in the instrumentation. When new artists ask me for advice I almost always say the same thing. Showcase your strengths and practice your weaknesses in private. Ash seems to have so many strengths that he isn’t able to properly showcase them all in one track. A track that I personally enjoyed; I guess there are worse problems an artist can have.

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