Bad Royale – De Policeman

artworks-000130351413-y7xzeh-t500x500For once I want to do what those other music blogs do and just post a track. Of course then you probably wouldn’t realize that this single marks the second EP from Bad Royale on Buygore in just of over two months. I guess I could have just copy and pasted the press release like the rest of those blogs, but what would the point be of that? You wouldn’t get to learn that Dancehall artists are a difficult group to work with for un-established acts, so getting this many tracks together in such a short amount of time signals upwards momentum for the Bad Royale squad. I wouldn’t be able to poise the question of why they chose to put out two EP’s so close together on the same label. And you wouldn’t get to taste my incredulous wit. I really don’t know what they see in those other blogs. If I just wanted a list of new song tittles I would just read the charts.

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