Bonobo – Flashlight EP

artworks-000093964626-z62h8q-t500x500In recent interviews, you have probably heard your favourite producer say something like, “…the sound is going from a more EDM (whatever that means) sound to a more House-y sound” and wondered what he/she meant by that. There are hundreds of sub-sub genres of House music; does this mean that Jacking or Funky is coming back? Short answer is; not right now. What they mean is that the sound is getting darker (ala Deep House) and drawing more from the Soul/Disco roots of House music(ala Nu-Disco). A perfect example of this sound would be “Pelican” the lead off single for Bonobo’s new Flashlight EP.

I guess if you stand in the same spot long enough, own it, preserve it, and maintain it, eventually that spot will be the spot everyone will want to be. Good job Bonobo.

Bonobo’s Flashlight EP drops Dec. 1st on Ninjatune

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