Boonie Mayfield – Rain On My Parade

artworks-000105735283-p7he29-t500x500Days like today are easy. I wake up, I check in on our marketing plan, I wrap up my research on monetizing the site, then I make time to write a couple of pieces (one of which you are reading and the other you will probably read later this week), then I get my mediation in. That is it really. Sure I have to fill out an evaluation for our co-op student (who wrote our marketing plan by the way) and tomorrow I have to concentrate on mixing and mastering music for myself and others ( back up by next week…I think) But really it is an easy day. It gets even easier when an artist we champion without a second thought decides to post a tune to Soundcloud. And in the near future when ONDAFLOR becomes as popular as we believe it should be, people are going to dig through our archived articles and find this one and ask themselves how they managed to sleep on a talent as immense as Boonie Mayfield. Sure he had his moment in the sun as “Boondock” the MPC1000 wielding Youtube star. But if we are all honest with ourselves, this dude embarrasses a lot of people who are getting more acknowledgement for their talents. On the mic AND behind the boards…respect to Boonie.

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