Bot – Bot Music EP

botmusicartMain Course is a different type of Record Label. Where others give away promos to a select handful and try to sell their music to their supporters Main Course make sure that every supporter they have can get their music for free and you only ever pay for their music if you are an outsider to their community. Over the last year or so they have been fine tuning this approach, finally settling on giving away their releases for one month after which the only way they are available is via online stores like Itunes and Beatport. So what has this approach earned them? A diehard group of fans who are constantly watching every move they make, an international reputation, and high profile gigs for members of their label roster. Their latest release is a new EP from one of their main acts; Bot. Bot’s new EP travels the gambit of Hiphop and Club influenced sounds without ever settling neatly into one clear genre. And he manages to do it without even a hint of “abstractness”. This EP reminds us that there is still plenty of undiscovered space between genres to make music that is expressive and unique but still accessible and danceable.

The Bot Music EP is available from Main Course.

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