Buju Banton – Dem Lucky

artworks-000074221829-zh1zas-t500x500The recent release of a “new” track from Buju Banton has renewed chants of “Free Buju” across the internet amongst the diaspora. Now that the dust has fully settled from his trial and the facts are starting to leak out, there are definitely hints that conspiracy theories suggesting Buju was the victim of entrapment may have some credence. Some say his final release before his incarceration “Driver” predicted his demise. In the wake of Vybz Kartel’s recent guilty verdict in a trial full of inconsistencies and the subsequent release of “Mama” fans will have to decide for themselves: did these two artists predict their own demise? Are these tunes admissions of guilt or are these tunes completely unrelated? And the biggest question of all; is their a war on Dancehall artists? If their is who will fall next?

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