Camp Lo – Black Jesus

camplo rhCamp Lo have got to be one of the best Hip Hop shows I have ever seen. That said, I have no idea what these two are talking about. I don’t think I ever fully understand what they are saying. They are more about amazing rap flows, captivating delivery and threading together some of the most surreal multi syllabic rhyme schemes you have ever heard, then they are about trivial things like having a message. Please understand, that is not a diss. What they have in spades is what 90% of today’s rap music is missing. Sure Young Soandso can stay on topic for a whole song but these young kids don’t have any style. As a musician there is a difference between being stylish and having style. Heck you can be stylish and “in style” and still have no style. These dudes ooze so much style that it comes out of their pores when they break a sweat. Their biggest hit (Luchini “This is it”) might have come out eighteen years ago, but whatever “it” is, they still got it. And they have it by the barrel.

Ragtime Hightimes, their upcoming album is produced by Ski Beatz for Nature Sounds

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