Cannibal Ox – Blade Of The Ronan (full album stream)

canoxI don’t even have to explain who Can Ox are. Cannibal Ox are one of the most important underground rap groups of all time. No self-respecting Hip Hop fan can show their face if they publicly admit that they have never heard their iconic album “Cold Vein” (2001) which was produced entirely by El-P (of Run the Jewels). So, I’m not going describe Cannibal Ox, but if I did, I’d tell you that Can Ox are a post apocalyptic Run DMC. New comer Bill Cosmiq provides the majority of the instrumentation, and Black Milk also lands a hand. Back in 2005 Cannibal Ox reunited and released a “live” album but if we are completely honest this is the first album they have released since 2001. They still have whatever they had 14 years ago…I hope it is contagious.

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