Cavalier Beats – Greed

a1132861238_2As I was explaining to my wife a few days ago; the thing that I like most about the whole “Beats”/”Future”/”whatever you want to call it” genre that seems to have it’s origins in California, is that whenever you think it might become codified and boring like so many Electronic genres before it, someone comes along and raises the bar again. “Beats” isn’t so much a genre as a canvas, a medium, a context, a format in which an artist is encouraged to express their personality using the methods of production that were previously reserved for Hip-Hop beatsmiths as there primary colour palette. This time the person raising the bar is a teenaged beatmaker named Cavalier from Long Beach, California. You can buy exclusive rights to any of his Hip Hop beats for 100$’s (a mere pittance in my honest opinion). That is the type of kid that made this track. No ego, just talent. This is (the) future (of beats).

You can show some support to Cavalier by visiting his bandcamp page here.

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