Choppa Dunks & Elephant Man – Fan Dem Off

artworks-000079218602-akbjm9-t500x500Wow, Choppa Dunks is getting a lot of attention right now. It would be foolish not to cover his music since what he does meshes so well with my taste in music and the music I make as an artist. But at the same time just about every blog on the internet is writing about him now, so I guess I’ll start with something most of them won’t mention. Choppa Dunks is from Bermuda. The same country that brought us Collie Buddz. Before moving to the U.S. “Choppa” Played in a Reggae band there. Maybe this is what sets apart his sound, that combines elements of Reggae and Dancehall with  EDM, from similar artists. He has a certain comfort in the way he handles the “Island elements” that makes him stand out from his peers.

If you want to hear more music from Choppa Dunks visit his Facebook page. He gives free music to his supporters.

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