Christopher Martin – I’m A Big Deal

christophermartin-steppinrazorToday is 4/20 a day known for shooting sprees and smoking trees. Nothing makes me more upset than a bunch of fake Rastas smoking marijuana while throwing around pseudo Jamaican patios. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met my share of pot smoking Jamaicans, but if the only time you speak patois is when “you light one up” then all you are doing is feeding a negative stereotype. Jamaican people need to remind the world that they are more than an “always late, always high” stereotype. What happened to the stereotype that Jamaicans were hard workers with multiple jobs? Now a Jamaican is lucky if he/she can find a decent job. Why? because for too long Jamaicans have let other people re-write their story depreciating their true value. It is about time that Jamaicans took back their pride and reminded the world that they are intelligent, strong and hardworking people who deserve respect…and sure once in a while they might smoke a spliff or two. Who hasn’t?

Christopher Martin’s “Steppin Razor” EP is out on VP records.

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