City Fidelia – Stress Free (prod by Salaam Status)

artworks-000071686927-ygztcm-t500x500If someone had told me that this track was from an artist who had just signed with a major record label from any major city in the US I would have believed them. But the truth is City Fidelia is from my home base of Ottawa, Canada and his producer Salaam Status may be based out of Detroit but he used to live here as well. The dis-heartening thing about this, is that this track almost went completely under my radar. As far as I know there has been little to know local press given to these home-grown talents. If it wasn’t for out mutual friend (and stand out spoken word artist/ rapper) Hyfidelik I would have never heard “Stress Free”; a track that goes beyond my expectations and wonders into the type of qualities reserved for stand-out performers usually based out of the US. The fact that Fidelia’s name isn’t on the tip of every music loving Ottawan’s lips (for creating such a well executed piece of music) proves to me that there are still massive hurdles local urban artists have to conquer to gain recognition here in Ottawa. By the time “they” acknowledge this work, City Fidelia, like many other artists may have chosen to move on to greener pastures where he would surely gain his just rewards for creating works of this quality.

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on “City Fidelia – Stress Free (prod by Salaam Status)
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