D.R.A.M. – Caretaker Feat. SZA

artworks-000133230171-orjrts-t500x500I honestly don’t know much about DRAM accept that the guy is seriously talented, his project/mixtape/album drops tomorrow, and he is on Chance the Rapper’s “Family Matters” tour. Apparently people are claiming that Drake ripped off his track Cha Cha, but let’s keep it real for a second; in order for me to believe that without question I would have to ignore the long line of Latino influence on Hip Hop music. But I will admit, there are some similarities. Of course, Dram’s production is more original since Drake’s samples the merengue setting from one of those old drum machines you find built in to that cheap organ in Grandma’s living room, but it all begs the question should DRAM drag out these accusations or keep it moving because the truth is that if the drama out shadows the music DRAM will lose out. Which would be a shame because he is “GAHDAMN” good.

Learn more on DRAM here

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