Daptone Records – Daptone Gold II

the-dap-kings-thunderclap-mp3-715x443With so much bad news in the media, and in our news feeds, it is nice to wake up to good news once in a while. So I was pleasantly surprised when I logged on to OKAY PLAYER and saw this exclusive new track accompanied with the news that Daptone Gold Volume II is available for pre-order today. You might not be familiar with the Dap Kings (the Daptone’s in house session musicians) but if you are a fan of Mark Ronson (yes Uptown Funk Mark Ronson) or Amy Winhouse then you’ve already heard them play. Of course the Dap King’s are only the tip of the iceberg. Daptone is also home to Sharon Jones, Suan and Starr (one of our ONDAFLOR favourites), the Budos Band and many more. So it is always with great anticipation we greet a new compilation from one of the most stacked lineups in music today.

For more info on this or any other Daptone’s release, check out their website here.

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