Dexta Daps – 7Eleven

dextadIf you are an ONDAFLOR regular you may have noticed the lack of content recently. That is because I had to rush off to Jamaica to attend a family funeral. As much as I would have loved to have gone to concerts and parties while I was there, I only managed to do some light shopping along Halfway tree and visit with family members I haven’t seen since I was a young child. But the one thing about Jamaica is that you cannot escape the music; it permeates the walls and dominates the local newspapers. The tune (I heard) that stood out as a the most likely “Summer time” hit (once the rest of the world grabs hold of it) was “7Eleven” by Dexta Daps. Dexta really only started to make a name for himself last year or so in the dance halls of Jamaica, but with his level of talent and creativity I suspect we will be hearing from him for many years to come.

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