Dirtybird BBQ Compiliation [Preview]

artworks-000069192234-wsqwb7-t500x500Though they’re not strictly a “House” Label I got put on to Dirtybird by certain DJs I know who I swear only listen to the most puritanical “House” music. You know the type, they exist in every genre and they always swear that the best (insert genre) happened ten or more years ago. Then I started hearing about them from other people and I was intrigued. To me the Dirtybird sound is 90’s “Garage” (I’m talking before “Two-Step” was a thing) meets “Club”. To others they are a sure fire-place to go when you’re looking for something that is a little different, has some low end and can be snuck into a “House” set when no one is looking. Either way they are doing it right. The Dirtybird BBQ Compilation will hit stores February 21st 2014.

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One Comment

on “Dirtybird BBQ Compiliation [Preview]
One Comment on “Dirtybird BBQ Compiliation [Preview]
  1. Tech House and Bass! Some have also called Dirtybird the best slowed down drum n bass label out there. Claude Von Stroke and family are def. coming from a Tech House sound and expanding from there. brilliant comp from them as always. they keep delivering the goods time after time like good burgers at a BBQ

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