DJ Vadim – Depend On I (Dub Version)

artworks-000072444003-o4macn-t500x500Post Ninja Tune, DJ Vadim broadened his scope beyond Hip-Hop into just about every “Urban” genre and sub genre; from Soul all the way through to Grime. June of this year Daddy Vad drops his next release on BBE “Dubcatcher”, which I suspect will have something to do with Dub music… I can’t say for sure since it is only March as I am writing this, but releasing a “Dub” version of your lead off single as a free promo might be all the evidence most people will need to reach that conclusion. If Dubcatcher does turn out to be a collection of Dub inspired tracks, and if Daddy Vad brings the type of consistent quality his productions are known for; I would bet that this will become the best received release he has had in the last ten years.

Stay on top of DJ Vadim’s new music here.

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