Drake – My Side

madonna-kisses-drakeWe don’t usually cover mainstream acts like Drake here, but Drake just went on the record, saying that he will probably retire from rapping at 30, and then chases that statement by having a public make out session with a woman who has been a sex symbol since the 1980’s (over 30 years ago). Of course Mage is known to lock lips with  whoever the current sex symbol is whenever she needs to rejuvenate her career a bit (remember the Britney Spears kiss?). I guess Drake wants to promote the fact that the physical version of his already hit album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” is about to drop…and “My Side” is one of that albums bonus tracks. Either way this track is at least interesting, and if Madonna wants to make out with me I’m down. But she probably won’t since I’m over 30.

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