Echo Park – Bounce

EPBOfficially we still have a few more weeks before our “summer vacation” is over. But, when our good friends from Artillery Recordings sent us this new EP to check out I was pleasantly surprised by the seamless blending of West Coast funk and UK Broken beat/Nu Jazz sounds. My personal favourite track on this three song EP is “Bounce” (ft. The Ego), which like the name suggests really brings that West Coast Funk injected “bounce” sound. My friend Eros on the other hand (a white, pure-bread, retired racing Greyhound that is currently in my care) prefers “House is not a Home”. He is such a sucker for uptempo beats and a fan of 4Hero and MAW (at least that what I think he is telling me…he is a dog after all). So if you are a fan of Funk, that LA Beat Scene Sound, and/or UK Broken Beat/ Nu Jazz you will probably want to give this a listen.

Echo Park – Bounce EP available from Artillery Recordings July 28th 2014

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