Eddie Murphy – Oh Jah Jah

eddiemurphy<insert sarcastic tone> Great, Eddie Murphy made a Reggae album. Is he going to change his name to Eddie Lion and make a documentary film as well?

Just joking (we are allowed to make jokes about comedians, are we not?), The Eddie Murphy Reggae album has been in the works for a while now, and even though the first leaked track featured Snoop was less than impressive Eddie is a talented singer with a respectable discography, have you forgotten about Party All The Time? (Okay, he definitely has some questionable ones in there).┬áThis track definitely isn’t as forgettable as Redlight (the aforementioned Snoop collaboration). Oh Jah Jah is an honest to goodness Reggae release that uses Reggae’s rebellious streak to commentate on the current state of affairs for black people in the modern world.I’m sure others will try to dismiss it, but ┬áhonestly, it is not bad at all.


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