Evening Show (feat. Tara)(Prod. by Goldstripes)(free download)


So far nothing has changes since I wrote this…Nothing. City Fidelia is still nice, but still lacks support from the media in the city he used to call home. But that isn’t going to stop him. This time he has teamed up with a host of producers to put together what should be hailed as a classic album “A Pisces World” but so far it has fallen on deaf ears. The track I have picked to showcase is produced by Goldstripes, a name familiar to members of Ottawa’s Hip Hop community as a perennial winner of a particular beat battle series. People seem surprised when they learn that battle rapper “X” or “Y” comes from Ottawa but like many secondary markets across North America Ottawa has some serious talent, which is generally failed by the racist local media that would rather serve some stereotype of what they think their predominantly white audience wants instead of sharing what the top tier of talent is doing in their city despite race, culture or perceived values. Most people like good art…period. Catering to an audience by assuming you know what “they” like just shows the prejudice of you and your editor, not your audience, who would surprise you if you gave them a chance.

Feel free to share this article with your local obviously racially biased publications…

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