Froyo Ma – spent missing (u) feat. Charlotte Day Wilson [FREE DOWNLOAD]

artworks-000133933440-3fn14x-t500x500I really can’t think of a better way to start the week then this new track (and it’s accompanied EP) from Froyo Ma. It is both expressive, and soulful; funky and mesmerizing, simple and at times very technical. Although my brief research into Froyo Ma’s identity revealed very little, other than the fact Froyo hails from  Louisiana (?) is influenced by “left-field” Hip Hop, classic jazz musicians like Coltrane and has a very distinctive visual style. If I am completely honest, I am surprised. Someone as talented as Froyo should have come to  my attention a long time ago, but I guess that is just how it is these days. There is so much garbage to sift through to find the gems; that it makes it hard to find them all. But for you guys,  our readers…we here at ONDAFLOR.COM will do are due diligence; it might take a minute though.

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