artworks-000074757771-sbp0zu-t500x500The Winter Music Conference has drawn hundreds, possibly thousands of Dance Music labels and their artists to Miami this week. Hence, we were starved for choice. The only Dance Music release that stands out in my mind does so because of how bad it was (click here to find out what I am referring to). Just when I thought that the pain of previewing disappointing release after disappointing release was going to go on forever Gomes dropped a free single off of his upcoming EP “Never Thought”. “Distended” is a UK Garage inspired track. If you have been following my writings than you know what I think of UK Garage. Forget about Electro House, that was last year’s trend. I believe that the trend towards Deep House will be short lived. Prominent Deep House producers continue to add “Garage” elements into their tracks, and so a Garage revival seems inevitable at this point. BMKLTSCH Records move to acquire “Gomes”, Netherlands’ top UK Garage producer could be a well timed  Chess move. If they play this correctly I would expect the label’s international profile to increase. For an independent label having the right track at the right time can make all the difference.

‘Never Thought’ EP will be out on BMKLTSCH Records March 31st

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