Green Money – X (Big Dope P & Mighty Mark Remix)

artworks-000074748598-wef58g-t500x500Between the launch of the Winter Music Conference and the lead up to the Ultra Music Festival it has been a slow week in the world of new, underground, music releases. During last week’s SXSW celebrations we were blessed with a plethora of standout Reggae releases. This week we were not so lucky. I was honestly concerned that the only thing to write about was going to be the De La Soul/Jay DIlla mixtape that we have already covered twice. Or, The WuTang’s “secret” album, of which only one will ever exist (the irony that one classic Hip Hop group has regained relevance by giving away music while another does so by making their music more exclusive is not lost on me). Fortunately two of our favourites, Big Dope P and Mighty Mark (formerly known as Murder Mark) have re-emerged with a new remix of Green Money’s “X”. The music speaks for its self which is a good thing as Green Money performs in French. Language barrier aside this is a noteworthy remix that deserves attention.

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