High Klassified – Biesta

hikbiestaThe sad truth is that we have not been able to post up as much new music as we would like to for the past three months or so because we have been dealing with a steady stream of hacker attacks. The attacks are still coming but it looks like (cross your fingers and your toes) we’ve seen the worst of them. Now we can start to get back to doing what we love to do, sharing groundbreaking beats that we discover/are emailed, with the world (don’t be afraid to send us your latest release). Come January this site will have been up for a year. With our one year anniversary coming up we would like to let you know that we’re expanding. Sometime soon we will be adding an opinion/editorials section for write ups that cover more than just “music reviews”. Not that we are strictly a music review website, this isn’t a music review…ok it is…

This new “remix” from High Klassified bangs… (you didn’t need me to write that to realize that did you…)

If you live in the Ottawa, Canada area come out to our annual Charity Fundraiser…

If not, talk to ya’ll online…

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