artworks-000078206446-1qcrjw-t500x500In much the same fashion that Dubstep split into several streams (Brostep, Ragga, whatever it is that Nero does? Glitch etc.) “Trap” is starting to make a similar transition. With “Trap” you could argue that these differences always existed. Now that this young genre has become saturated with talent, artists are leaning towards certain styles to help differentiate themselves from the pack. My favourite style is the more ephemeral “chill” style that is evolving. It is still Trap, so it still has that bounce and the beats are the same speed (between 65 and 75 BPM) but the sound design is a bit smoother, so you end up with tracks that bang in the club yet still work when you want some background music while you’re relaxing. “Howls” is a production duo comprised by Taku and Kit Pop and their collaboration with Philadelphia based DJ/Producer Noah Breakfast “ticks all the boxes” as far as I am concerned. The beats bang, the musicality is there and the vibe is just right.


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