Illum Sphere – ‘Ghosts Of Then & Now’

artworks-000070464117-zgyxzk-t500x500This track is the definition of a slow burner. It starts off in ambient/noise territory, then the organ starts to play. Eventually the electronic drums start, and once the initial beat settles in you realize you are in for a long/hypnotic ride. It isn’t until around the three minute mark when the arpeggiated synth and vocal moans come into the picture that you finally realize that you are listening to a one man jam band and a subtle smile begins to creep involuntarily across your face.

The Illum Sphere album ‘Ghosts of Then and Now’ is available from Ninja Tune.

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One Comment

on “Illum Sphere – ‘Ghosts Of Then & Now’
One Comment on “Illum Sphere – ‘Ghosts Of Then & Now’

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