J Dilla – Dillatronic #7

artworks-000130289809-1hgath-t500x500I’ve claimed for a long time that without J Dilla today’s modern “Future Beat/Bass” simply doesn’t exist. So what could be better than learning that a posthumous electronically driven J Dilla album exists? How about being able to stream the entire thing right now over on OKAY PLAYER. Dillatronic has over 40 tracks of unreleased Dilla beats that were so far ahead of their time that if I didn’t know better I would have sworn they were made yesterday. Like “Donuts” the beats aren’t long and drawn out but short and to the point. When Dilla doesn’t have anything left to say on the subject he moves on to the next one. We are fast approaching the ten year anniversary of his death, but the impact James Dewitt Yancey is having on the music we listen to is greater than ever. RIP J Dilla and may you live on forever.

Order your copy of Dillatronic here.

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