Jaga Jazzist – Starfire // Selections

JJA day after our favourites De La Soul fund their new album in less then a day, and album that stands out because they hired dozens of musicians to play in jam sessions that they intend to sample from. Jaga Jazzist start to leak out pieces of their latest work which sounds like it would have belonged amongst those De La Soul jam sessions. Jaga Jazzist continue to be a bright spot amongst the Ninja Tune roster whose roster arguably peeked years ago. Many feel that their “sub-label”/Fly Lo imprint Brainfeeder is what the main label should be today. By the sounds of it JJ will bring back some of that Ninja Tune hype. And no we won’t be talking about a rather disappointing rap song that Ninja Tune released this week.

The album ‘Starfire’ released 1st June 2015 on Ninja Tune. Pre-order here

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