Jakwob – Naughty

spaced Lately I have really been focusing on Reggae music. And why not? It is infectious and universally loved by music lovers around the world. It has birthed the international phenomenon widely known as “Bass Culture” and it has helped romanticize the part of the world my Mother was born, despite the fact that it has been beaten down by politically fuelled violence. Boom Ting Recording’s Jakwob represents the other end of “Bass Culture” which rides the progressive wave that lead Ska to Rocksteady, then Reggae to Dancehall…all the way through to modern genres like Drum and Bass, Grime and Drumstep. It is hard to believe that the idea of making music specifically to be played on loud, bass heavy sound systems has taken us this far, this fast.

Jakwob’s Spaced EP is available from Boom Ting Recordings, and we think you should  support it.

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