JayBizz LeFresh – Get Fresh EP (preview)

9829_783658598315373_2025394145_n(EDIT: IN STORES NOW) Here at ONDAFLOR we don’t really want to make it a habit of posting “previews” of unreleased music. But it just so happens that Spins & Needles (a label I work with) has just announced the upcoming release of the “Get Fresh EP” and the lead off single has my production partner JayBizz LeFresh (we produce music together under the name “The 3%”) teaming up with another one of my production partners (J-Skilz) for a track called “Babylon”. Not to mention I will be making two appearances on this release; “Tick, Tock, Twerk – D-Mass remix” and the bonus track “Nasty – The 3%”.

I might be a bit biased but I think it is safe to say that this EP is going to be full of dance-floor/Club bangers.

(Now available from Stompy.com and Bandcamp, Itunes and more to follow)

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on “JayBizz LeFresh – Get Fresh EP (preview)
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