Kabaka Pyramid – Life Is Easy

k8riddimKabaka Pyramid is one of several Reggae artists I want to cover on this site. This list includes; Ziggi Ricardo, Jah Bouks, Keznamdi, and Jah9 to name a few (it really is a long list). So I am glad that his new release “Life Is Easy” has crossed my path. The lyrics of this song remind me of when I went from an “impressive” job to a retail job during the stock market crash. Retail by all measures is an easy job, but because of uptight management and difficult customers, what should of felt like a simple experience turned into a hellish one, so I left. A year or two later I looked into the place I used to work and found out all the racist, “bad mind” people that were dragging me down lost their jobs. It turns out going out making your employees miserable is bad for business, and harassing the cute girls that work for you isn’t cool…

Life Is Easy is on the Kingston 8 Riddim by Notis, be sure to check them out.

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