Kaytranda – Move Love (remix)

kaytranda You might ask yourself why I bothered posting Kaytranda’s remix of “Robert Glasper Experiment – Move Love”. Well the answer is two-fold. Firstly, it is a great example of the expressive instrumental Hip-Hop Kaytranda is known for; and the second reason is because pretty much everyone in the know has Kaytranda pegged to blow up big this year. You don’t have to believe me. Visit his SoundCloud page and you will quickly notice that every track he has up there has at least 100,000 listens, and one track has over 900,000 approaching 1 Million listens. So if you don’t know who Kaytranda is yet I suggest you educate yourself. Need a crash course? Then peep the mix of unreleased material he made for Hypetrak: Instrumental Hip Hop is Dead.


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