artworks-000070824845-j27ktc-t500x500For several years now there have been a hand full of Canadian producers making a name for themselves around the world making Club Music. Untethered by the genre limitations of their predecessors in the Jersey and Baltimore Club scenes these music makers cleverly blended the two most popular Club styles into a sound of their own. It wasn’t until JayBizz LeFresh‘s “All Gold Everything” (December 2012) gained popularity in the blogosphere that the term “Canadian Club” entered the public consciousness, and since then the term has steadily spread to describe Club Music made by Canadians.

Fast Forward to today and it seems that this new sub-genre has a new ambassador: Lee Carvallo. His newest EP “Canadian Club” is being shared for free by long-time supporter of all Club Music, Top Billin. The beats on this EP are attention grabbing Club anthems that are guaranteed to get the dance floor moving. Peep the opening track Pu$$y and you’ll know I’m right. It is starting to look like “Canadian Club” Music is here to stay.

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