Leftside – Do Road (free download)

artworks-000133094238-0vhasx-t500x500Today is a really good day for new music. Mr Carmack and Ganz killed it over the weekend with their new tunes. I could of covered that. There is an election in Canada that I have some insight on, I could have covered that. And right now my website is in the throws of the type of “hack attack” that previously brought it down, but because every time we were taken down we read the server logs and made improvements this site is finally, fairly secure. Of course if someone really wants to hack us it is possible, but we have gone from a website that could be brought down in hours to one that would take days to bring down. And why anyone would want to waste that type of resources on hijacking a music blog is beyond me.

I digress, we haven’t heard anything new from Jamaican Producer/Performer Leftside (aka Dr. Evil for his short-lived stage persona based on the villain of the Austin Powers films), but he appears to be back in the spotlight with his latest single Do Road. As usual the production is on point and Leftside continues to shine behind the mic as well. Do yourself a favour and give Do Road a listen…and if you are a Canadian go out and vote…I will do a full piece on how I secured this site later.


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