Little Boots – Better in the Morning

littlebootsmorningIn a world where Marvin Gaye’s family and The Gap Band have managed to turn influence into “plagiarism” to their financial gain, Little Boots releases this single to their upcoming “Working Girl” album. I’m not saying what it is influenced by but it is quite obvious that this track is influenced by a particular piece of music. Mozart spent his free time  making hand copies of scores written by composers before him. Legend has it the Maestro Beethoven let a young Mozart dig through his own manuscripts and make copies of whatever he wished. Copyright laws were intended to protect works from being copied because it reduced the profit raised though the publishing of musical manuscripts. It used to be an honour to have your music influence another composer. Today, “tipping your hat” to your influences is almost as financially dangerous as sampling their works directly. But it is a hard thing not to do, as musician myself I know from first hand experience. Musical influences to a musician are more than our predecessors, they are our first loves, and no one forgets their first love.

Learn more about Little Boots and their upcoming album “Working Girl” here.

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