LIZ – Y2K (Prod. by Lido)

artworks-000071330793-8hfog4-t500x500“We” all saw this coming. The real question wasn’t if it would be done but who would do it first. Who would have guessed a pop music producer from Norway would have beat everyone to the punch. The last few times I’ve hit up the club, for completely none-ironic reasons the DJs almost always slipped in a classic Timberland production. That late 90’s Timberland sound is back. Personally I think it might have something to do with the recent resurgence of interest in Aaliyah’s music. But for whatever reason it is, Lido is the first I’ve heard to get the sound perfect. Which is a good thing for Liz, because it is going to get a lot of ears pointed in her direction. There isn’t a lot of current music that fits neatly into the mix after a classic Timbo production, so DJ’s are going to love this, and her talent will keep the crowd’s attention  in the club.

Just Like You EP will be out for free download on February 27th.

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