Lontalius x CutMyLips – Mooncatch (FREE DOWNLOAD)

artworks-000134109334-w2jffw-t500x500By now everyone knows about the Secret Songs series, but for the uninitiated; like any properly polite Canadian Ryan Hemsworth decided to use his recent rise in popularity as a DJ/producer to promote artists he discovered who haven’t yet reached his level of fame. As such Secret Songs has become a springboard for under-appreciatted talents who create clever soundscapes that Hemsworth is known to incorporate into his sets.

Anyway, it has been a minute since I have looked over to check on this successful series, and it continues to be a bright spot in a world that is often mired in mundane, uninspiring soundtracks. You have to admit the latest release “Mooncatch” is brilliant; and if you don’t you are either hard of hearing or jealous.

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