Major Lazer – Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul)

artworks-000071246931-ky5tcu-t500x500Major Lazer have a new EP dropping next week. I’ve said it before but it is worth re-stating, it is hard for me to get excited for Major Lazer’s music these days (post Switch). I don’t think the quality of the music has faltered, you might even argue that it has improved. But to the refined ear there is a difference between Diplo and Switch’s attempts to re-interpret Dancehall music and Walshy Fire’s attempts to re-interpret popular dance music sub-genres (mostly Moombahton) through his Dancehall lens. Really I should be a bigger fan of this track, I know it is going to kill in the club and acts like Major Lazer have opened the door for artists like myself who also make Dancehall influenced music. I like what I’m hearing, but I like a lot of music. Major Lazer is supposed to be the Marquee Dancehall influenced act, I should be excited, but there is nothing to be excited about. No chances taken, they are playing it too safe. They’re good but they could be great.

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