Maribou State – ‘Wallflower (Ross From Friends Remix)

artworks-000132067104-9sg4cv-t500x500I have to pack my bags, to head out of town later today. So I thought I would just quickly find something to share with you guys before I headed out. It is hard to believe that the most original sounding music I could find is from a new remix album. Too many producers think the road to making hits is paved with buying the same VSTi’s as their favourite producers, and playing the imitation game. That might lead to thousands of plays on Soundcloud, but why would anyone ever pay money for your music when someone else has already done what you have done and done it better. Music making shouldn’t be an attempt to bring together a collection of cliche’s it should be a form of self expression. If your “self-expression” sounds like you are biting someone else’s style then how soulless are you, just my two cents.

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