Masayoshi Iimori – Badly (free download)

jkWhen it comes to creativity Japan always seems to “box above their weight class”. So I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that the first Footwork track I ever heard out of Japan would be this good, but I am. Better yet, this is (track) only the tip of the iceberg. It is one of eleven tracks featured on Unisphere’s (a Japanese label) Futon EP, which is more of a compilation than an EP really. I think that maybe the term EP doesn’t translate well into Japanese, but it doesn’t matter. Unisphere can call “Futon” whatever they want to, because it is special. An eleven track EP with that “future” vibe, where all the tracks share the airy theme of sleep. Sure this COULD HAVE been boring. But it isn’t. It is something you have to hear for yourself, so give it an honest listen, I think you will find it inspiring.

You can download the entire FUTON EP for FREE here.

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