Missing LinX – BROWN ft. Sir Realist

artworks-000074149829-cgrh43-t500x500Last week some little known Rapper sent me his, uninspired, unoriginal material.  I didn’t post it, why waste time with another “struggle rapper” when I’ve got such a high quality supply near my home base.  Missing LinX is a collective of Slam Poets/Rappers based out of Ottawa, Canada and a few days ago they dropped their new single. “Brown” was made in the vein of those classic posse jams of the 90’s. Each emcee briefly steals the spotlight to speak on the theme, in this case the difficulties of being a visual minority. The vibe is just right and  hints memories of  The Native Tongues in my opinion. I look forward to this summer when the rest of the album comes out.

Don’t forget to check out the music video.

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