Møme X Larry Lynch – Childhood

momeEvery once in a while I come across an article that claims to share the secrets to “getting your music featured on music blogs”, (College radio, etc.). As if some how, when you have that perfectly written press release you will finally be “discovered”. Of course the reality is that you are probably better off keeping your correspondence brief, and the further you spread your work, the more likely you’ll be “discovered” (I still can’t believe some small labels are neglecting Soundcloud, where music bloggers spend their online hours). I know some of you are saying; “Anyone can do that, so how do I stand out from the crowd?”. Well, the answer is simple. Do your best to make sure that the music you release to the world is exceptional. If you do that ONE thing “we” will notice. It may mean spending more time refining your sound or teaming up with someone who understands sonics. Maybe you should add another musical idea to perfect your “masterpiece”. The difference between the music I choose to write about versus the music I do not write about is not usually talent. The music that stands out to me does so due to the sheer amount of time, emotional and psychological investments the artist(s) have made and the visceral effects that investment has when I hear the work.

You can get this track and all of Mome’s work from his Facebook page.

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