Moonstarr – Mount Real EP

mountrealepLast years Starlight EP was the last time we had heard anything from Moonstarr so it is  exciting to find out that his new EP just dropped with New Kanada. The first track on the “Mount Real” EP is “The Metropolitan” A deep electro-influenced piece that fits with his Starlight EP. The second track “Highs and Lows” is reminiscent of his standout broken-beat album “Dupont” and the track is “Jump Steady” connects the dots between the two. If you are a fan of Moonstarr than this EP is for you, it really does successfully display Kevin’s broad taste in music and his talent for sculpting beats worth listening to. If you aren’t a fan yet, then give this EP a listen and maybe it will change your mind.

The Mount Real EP is available on limited edition vinyl from Moonstarr directly or digitally from New Kanada

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