MOVELTRAXX PRESENTS #DMP6 [out january 28th]

artworks-000068601617-izqu5t-t500x500Right now Moveltraxx are putting on a clinic on how to run an independent label in 2014. A lot of labels out there should be watching and learning from the way these guys are moving. They started by building relationships with popular music blogs (ahem, free publicity). Then they put together a compilation featuring the best talent they could find. Instead of releasing the compilation as soon as possible (the way many digital labels do) they have opted to use their relationships to build hype. First came a free EP via Tim Dolla (that was all it took to get me excited). Then they followed it up with exclusives on at least two of the aforementioned blogs ( ,¬† and a week before they drop #DMP6 they finally share snippets of all the tracks. January 28th hasn’t gotten this much attention since the Challenger disaster.

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