Mykal Rose – High Grade Train

highgradetrainLegendary Reggae singer, Grammy Award winner and former lead vocalist of Black Uhuru, Mykal Rose is back. If you are not familiar with Black Uhuru’s early albums or Mykal Rose’s solo material then you can’t call yourself a serious fan of Reggae music. His voice and style and his music has been so influential on Reggae singers from around the world, and his newest tune will be greeted by his thousands of fans with open arms. “High Grade Train” doesn’t re-invent the wheel. Mykal has returned with a song that covers material that he has covered his entire career, the legalization of Marijuana. Of course today that subject is far less controversial than when he first took up the cause. One day soon these songs may become as relevant as old slave songs, not that he would complain about it.


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