Neo Fresco & Nold Bayrith – PIMPIN INTL

artworks-000076716947-e6m99c-t500x500We are starting to have a serious backlog of amazing music to share with the world, between direct submissions and our usual digging around for new music we are probably three weeks behind. Funny how things work. In the depths of the winter no-one ever releases their music (I’m talking January/February) but by the time May starts to get close everyone decides that they are going to release their new music all at once, leaving small operations like this one scrambling to pick out what to highlight.  At the end of the day the choice is relatively simple; if you make tightly produced, genre bending, bass heavy music like this then chances are we want to hear it (we can always use more Funk and Reggae as well tbh)…Did I mention Neo Fresco & Nold Bayrith’s track “Pimpin Intl” is insanely good? Well it is, not that it needs to be said, but this IS a review so I figure I should say something about the music.

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One Comment

on “Neo Fresco & Nold Bayrith – PIMPIN INTL
One Comment on “Neo Fresco & Nold Bayrith – PIMPIN INTL

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