Nick Bike – Jeans & Love

nblogoAll week it feels like every other music blogger in the world has become obsessed with the fact that a female vocalist who became famous singing over a Hip Hop influenced beat (Lorde), sounds amazing over a beat made by one of the most successful Hip Hop producers of recent history (Kanye). I’m sorry, I’m not surprised. I’m not even impressed. If Kanye and Lorde on the same track sounded bad then I’d be surprised. And those of you out there still underestimating Kanye’s talents need to re-listen to 808’s and Heartbreaks.

What does that have to do with Nick Bike’s Jeans & Love? Nothing, but Nick has been killing the bootleg and edit scene for a minute so stop sleeping. If five years from now people start telling me that the new Nick Bike track is his “best work ever” and it isn’t better than what he is doing right now…Imma have to slap someone….

Keep up with┬áNick Bike’s releases, bootlegs, edits etc. on his website…

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